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Furnish Your Workspace With Ease

Introducing Best Material For Cafe and Restaurant Table Top. Smart Top

Introducing Best Material For Cafe and Restaurant Table Top. Smart Top

Water Resistance

No more than 0.5% swelling in thickness after immersion in water. No more than 8.9% swelling in thickness and 53.5% water absorption after boiling in

100°C water for 3 hours. (TÜV SÜD PSB)

Stain Resistance

No staining by covering of liquids such as Ethanol 96%, Coffee, and Paraffin oil for one hour. No staining by covering of solid oils and fats such as

Vegetable oil for 24 hours. (BS EN 12720:2009)

Scratch / Surface Wear Resistance

No scratching of test surfaces for 3 cycles of 6” back and forth with BV standard ceramic plate (2.27kgs)

and mug (1.36kgs). (CPSD-HL-01055-MTHD) Shield the abuse such as using cutting boards.

Heat Resistance

No more than a minor change in gloss and/or colour. Rated 4 for both tests on resistance to 180°c of wet

and dry heat. (BS EN 12721 & 12722)

No change distinguishable from -50°C to 90°C. Abil- ity to withstand temperatures up to 180°C for 20 minutes without deformation, swelling, fiber raising,

cracking and blistering.

Impact Resistance

No visible damage when subject to intense force and shock applied to it.

UV Resistance

No more than a slight change in physical and/or structural of the specimen after 200 hours of exposure to laboratory lights sources — Fluorescent

UV lamps. (ISO 4892-3:2006)

Light coloured table tops are the best choices for outside, as the darker ones may fade over time. UV rays can break down the surface over years of


Peel Resistance

Strong peel resistance due to the creation process of fusing HPL directly onto the core.

High Density

Have the density of 823.62 kg/m3. (CPSD-HL-01056- MTHD / STANDARD MEASURE)

High Screw Holding Capacity

Holding screw force is great due to the high density. The greater the density, the greater the screw

holding force.

Dimensional Stability

Has incredible dimensional stability. No sign in shrinks and swells in relation to moisture and

temperature gain or loss.

Table top shall be installed with support to prevent it from warping. The recommended support are:

apron, metal frame and crossbar.

29 Feb 2024

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